Why WWE’s Money In The Bank Match Should Return To WrestleMania 

For over 10 years, WrestleMania has been without the Money in the Bank ladder matches, with the bouts taking place at its own namesake PPV since 2010. Recently, rumors from WrestleVotes (via GiveMeSport) have emerged about Triple H potentially considering making a huge change in WWE’s yearly PPV schedule, including a scrapped Money in the Bank event that would see the ladder matches instead taking place at WrestleMania. There is certainly an argument to make on both sides of the coin about whether or not WWE should do this, but its feels as though there are positives to making this move, as it would no doubt add some further excitement to WWE’s biggest yearly show.


The Money In The Bank PPV Has Run Its Course

The Money in the Bank gimmick has been a huge success in the past, though it has severely lost its way in recent years, with there being no long-term booking when it comes to the winners, unsuccessful cash-in attempts, World Title wins the very same night of getting the briefcase, and an array of failed World Champion pushes for those who have won the MITB contract. Of course, this could all be put down to the booking of Vince McMahon, who had certainly let this gimmick slip in prestige over the last few years.

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With Money in the Bank having its own show, the appeal of the match feels as though it has dwindled too. When the match used to take place at WrestleMania, it felt a lot more special due to the grandeur and occasion of the event. It was a major WrestleMania moment when someone broke out and won the briefcase, with WWE clearly putting more thought into the winner back then (aside from maybe Jack Swagger). Much like other gimmick PPVs such as TLC and Hell in a Cell, the matches feel less special with their own branded event. Those two shows have both allegedly received the boot, and it looks like a logical step for the Money in the Bank PPV to get the same treatment.

Two-Night WrestleManias Offer The Perfect Stage For Money In The Bank

A problem which may have come up in the past is that there are two annual Money in the Bank ladder matches – one for the men’s division, and one for the women’s. However, there are now two nights of WrestleMania, meaning that each night of the show could host one Money in the Bank ladder match. Something which WrestleMania has lacked recently is match variety, and this could be key adding more to the card to make both nights palatable.

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Fans haven’t seen a Money in the Bank cash-in at WrestleMania since Seth Rollins did so in 2015, and this is due to MITB holders often not even making it to WrestleMania with the briefcase, so it could add some major excitement and intrigue to the show with the possibility that someone could cash-in on the same night. With it being WrestleMania, the moment would be much bigger than it would otherwise be at the Money in the Bank event.

WrestleMania Will Feature More Names With The Money In The Bank Ladder Matches

Recent WrestleManias, even with the two-night schedule, have failed to feature many great performers. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal managed to get more superstars on the card, but with that match being bumped to the SmackDown before WrestleMania, a big multi-person gimmick needs to be added to the show to ensure that deserving names get their WrestleMania payday and moment.

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With it being WrestleMania, those in creative control will very likely put much more thought into who wins given that the match is at the biggest show of the year, with hopefully more long-term plans being made. In addition, any arguments about the roster being too thin could be combated by the fact that some superstars could pull double duty, wrestling in the ladder match one night, and a different match on the second night. This aspect in itself could add more intrigue to match-ups coming a night before or after a MITB match.

Either way, WWE needs to make a change with the briefcase before it gets so bad that it is beyond repair, because it is certainly heading in that direction. 2022 saw Liv Morgan undergo a poorly booked reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion, and Austin Theory looks like one of the most likely individuals to fail a Money in the Bank cash-in, with him having zero chances of dethroning Roman Reigns or looking worthy enough to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. A move to WrestleMania could be exactly what this gimmick needs, and Triple H is making the right call by thinking about this move.

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