10 WWE Wrestlers Who Would Be Perfect For AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club

AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club is one of the popular new stables which has hit the ground running in 2022. While they haven’t done too much collectively as a unit aside from their big Blood and Guts victory, they have individually been doing brilliant.

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In WWE, there are various wrestlers who would fit in well with the faction, either seamlessly fitting aside the likes of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Wheeler Yuta, or providing something different to what they offer to make the group more diverse. While this is solely fantasy booking, as it is unlikely for most wrestlers in WWE to make a jump to AEW any time soon, it is still interesting to look at potential what ifs.


10 Finn Balor

The current iteration of Finn Balor is one much darker and arrogant, but going back to his second run in NXT, his character would be perfect for what the BCC are after. Balor was far more aggressive, with stiffer strikes, and a love for dishing out punishment.

This more focused and intense side of Balor is what the BCC is all about, with them gradually making changes to their arsenal to make it more brutal. Balor has that in his blood, and he would work well with the star power and experience of the faction.

9 Matt Riddle

If Matt Riddle shed his goofiness, and became more permanently intense like he has showcased more recently in WWE, then his style would be great in the BCC. His MMA background and the striking elements of his move-set would work well too.

Riddle has sometimes shown his aggressiveness in the ring, and he can deliver convincingly stiff offense, which is what the likes of Moxley and Danielson do so well against their opponents.

8 Tyler Bate

Despite being in WWE for a fair amount of time, Tyler Bate is still quite young. He is someone who, similar to Wheeler Yuta, could undergo some development to become a more intense worker, and to also improve on the microphone.

Under fellow Englishmen William Regal, Bate could mix his charm with focus, improving various parts of his overall game. Someone like Yuta has seen huge amounts of progress and improvement in recent times, and Bate is someone who isn’t far away from breaking out either, and needs just a few pieces to be a complete performer.

7 Shayna Baszler

On WWE’s main roster, Shayna Baszler’s potential for dominance over the women’s division hasn’t yet been explored. She hasn’t been taken seriously, and it feels as though her brutal offense has been toned down.

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In the BCC, her style of wrestling is hugely encouraged, and she can carry an uncaring attitude like Danielson does. Danielson is someone who isn’t really a face or a heel at the moment, and it is a role which works perfectly for him, as he is allowed to be unforgiving in the ring along with some arrogance, without being a full blow villain. Baszler would also be brilliant in that sort of role.

6 Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali’s talents have been hugely overlooked by WWE, and it is hard to imagine him not being a success literally anywhere else in the wrestling world. The BCC currently has an array of different styles, but Ali would provide something different.

Ali is more of a high-flier than the others in the group, so adding his energy and impressive athleticism would fill a void which the BCC needs filled. Adding a performer with a more diverse moveset to the others would expand their appeal and dominance even more.

5 Xia Li

Xia Li is someone with a very unique style, focusing more on her kicks and strikes than conventional wrestling moves. However, she isn’t entirely polished just yet, but going under the wing of the likes of Danielson and Castagnoli would no doubt propel her to greater heights.

Li has worked well in NXT as more of a silent assassin, and that type of character in the BCC would work tool. WWE still needs to find ways to use her better, but if she were in a faction, improvements would likely be seen quicker.

4 Drew Gulak

When Bryan Danielson was in WWE, he did his best to try and get Drew Gulak some substantial in-ring time, with them even stealing the show together on a rare appearance for him on PPV.

From a technical and grappling standpoint, Gulak is among the best in WWE, despite not getting much of a chance to show it. In AEW, where in-ring work is more of a focus, he would have a great time having technical and hard-hitting bouts. Gulak is very much a wrestler’s wrestler, and would be a fine addition to the stable.

3 Natalya

In WWE’s women’s division, Natalya has always been among the most technically gifted individuals on the roster. In the BCC, professional wrestling is the main focus rather than sports entertainment, and when it comes to Natalya, she is someone who works best when the sports entertainment aspect plays second to wrestling itself.

As a hardened veteran, she could play a brilliant submission machine in the BCC, dissecting opponents much like Danielson does.

2 Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura is one of the biggest failures of the last decade in WWE, with him having huge potential as a top star, but was unfortunately let down by booking. He is hugely gifted inside the ropes, especially when he is allowed to showcase his strong style of wrestling.

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In the BCC, harder strikes, more impactful throws, and strong style as a whole is more front and center, and having Nakamura in their ranks would improve them even more. Allowing Nakamura to showcase his charisma, similar to how he did in NJPW, he would also provide more energy to the faction too.

1 Butch

The former Pete Dunne is beginning to find his feet on WWE’s main roster, with WWE bringing back his older attire, but it is hard to argue that right now he would be better suited in the BCC than the Brawling Brutes trio which he is currently in.

Dunne and Regal worked together in NXT, and it is easy to see how Dunne has drawn influence from the likes of Regal and Danielson. Dunne is aggressive, calculated, and has such a unique style, with his latest NXT run showcasing how well he can work as a tweener – similar to that of both Moxley and Danielson in AEW.

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