10 WWE Attitude Era Wrestlers (Who Wouldn’t Be Hired Today)

The WWE Attitude Era featured some of the biggest names in the history of wrestling. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the Undertaker, and Triple H helped wrestling grow from a cultural staple to a cultural phenomenon.

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Although the Attitude Era featured many future WWE Hall of Famers, not every wrestler who competed at the company was a top-tier superstar. Wrestling has evolved rapidly since its Attitude Era heyday, as character and in-ring expectations from wrestlers have changed as well. Many of them would likely not be hired in today’s WWE, and this list will examine ten of those superstars who just won’t make the cut.


10/10 The Blue Meanie

The Blue Meanie

The Blue Meanie grew to fame at ECW. His entire identity was dependent on his surreal gimmick that only worked because some fans were exposed to it before he arrived in the WWE.

The Blue Meanie was a limited in-ring performer and in today’s WWE, athletes reign supreme. He would struggle to get over in any way, which is why he might struggle to find a spot in Triple H’s WWE.

9/10 Viscera

Big Daddy V

Viscera wrestled at the WWE for a long time. During the Attitude Era, he evolved past his Mabel gimmick and became a more aggressive “big man.” He struggled to get over since his entire identity was surrounded around his massive size.

Today, the WWE expects its wrestlers to not only be big but also decent wrestlers. Viscera would struggle in the ring and would likely not be hired.

8/10 Gillberg


Gillberg was not only a funny gimmick from the Attitude Era, but he was also a Light Heavyweight Champion. Gillberg was a clear parody of one of WCW’s biggest stars, Goldberg.

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Today’s WWE exists very insulated since it exists without any major competition. They rarely allude to wrestlers outside the organization and would likely never parody a wrestler from another company.

7/10 8-Ball

The Disciples of Apocalypse in WWE

8-Ball spent years at the WWE but did little to make an impact as a wrestler. He is best remembered as a member of The Disciples Of Apocalypse.

8-Ball struggled to get over despite a decent push and was nothing special in the ring. In an era of the WWE, where the less lively fail, 8-ball would likely not be given a shot in today’s WWE.

6/10 Debra


Debra was one of the most well-known women of the Attitude Era. Unfortunately, she competed at the WWE before women were top-tier athletes.

She’s a former champion but would likely struggle to survive against the active roster where she would be expected to hold her own against Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch. Nothing has evolved more in WWE than the women’s division since the Attitude Era.

5/10 Kurrgan


Kurrgan was a seven-foot-tall wrestler who looked like he could destroy an opponent in the ring. He is best remembered for his time with The Truth Commission, but after he left the group his weakness began to shine bright.

Kurrgan was never able to put on a decent match with anyone and was out of the company by 1999. His struggles would be no easier in today’s WWE.

4/10 Tom Brandi

The Rock v Salvatore Sincere Raw November 25, 1996 Cropped

Some fans may remember Tom Brandi as “Salvatore Sincere.” His limited skillset led to him working as a jobber under the ring name “Tom Brandi” during the Attitude Era.

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Although jobbers are still common in the WWE today, Brandi looks like a good wrestler and that is uncommon. Most jobbers are undersized wrestlers who looked like they were pulled from the crowd. Brandi wouldn’t even be hired as a jobber in today’s WWE.

3/10 The Fabulous Moolah


The Fabulous Moolah existed in the WWE’s Attitude Era for shock factor. Her entire identity is surrounded by eye-popping segments where she took big-time bumps despite her age.

WWE has become a much more kid-friendly program, and it seems unlikely they would advocate violence against anyone who wasn’t an active competitor on the roster. Her reputation post-2019 is also tough to avoid in today’s WWE. WWE’s sustained effort to wean off its dependence on legends is just another reason why The Fabulous Moolah wouldn’t make the cut.

2/10 Mideon

Mideon's Confederate Flag 

For starters, Mideon would struggle to get hired in the WWE today due to his Confederate Flag tattoo. Other than his tat, Mideon also would have a few other major issues hindering him from being hired. He existed in the WWE with multiple different gimmicks and all of them struggled to get over.

The best part of his gimmick was his look, but outside of that, he was a below-average wrestler and also struggled on the microphone. Mideon was a great character for his era, but not the current social climate.

1/10 Crush

Brian Adams as Crush in WWE

Crush was a WWE mid-carder from the 90s who is often forgotten. He wrestled in WCW as Brian Adams, where he had more success and even won the WCW Tag Team Championships on two occasions.

Despite even his high points at WCW, Crush was very below average on the microphone. He was given an over-the-top gimmick that he was still unable to sell. He might be too limited as a wrestler and a promo to have a shot in today’s WWE.

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