10 Weird Jeff Hardy WWE Moments We Completely Forgot About

Jeff Hardy has forever been a natural babyface in wrestling, and that has naturally led to him being one of the most popular wrestlers of his generation because of that. He is someone who takes crazy bumps, and those spots are unforgettable and led to him becoming beloved by the WWE Universe.

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Wrestling fans can recall many great moments from his career, as he has been involved in many great matches and segments. However, there have also been some odd situations as well, from weird storylines to one-off moments that most people have simply forgotten about because they didn’t make him look good overall.


10/10 Chasing The 24/7 Championship

Jeff Hardy 24 7

The 24/7 Championship is now retired and with good reason, as it was a title that didn’t work or benefit many people outside of R-Truth. There was a certain level of wrestlers that spent their time involved in this title, running around ringside to try and get their hold on it for a brief period.

It was mainly used for the lower-card wrestlers, giving them something to do on the show. While it didn’t make them look like stars, it certainly took a lot of people by surprise when Jeff Hardy was involved in that considering the fact he’s one of the top stars in wrestling.

9/10 Arrested For A DUI

Jeff Hardy arrested on SmackDown

In Jeff Hardy’s real life has dealt with DUI problems which is something he is currently involved with and that is why he’s not part of AEW television right now. However, WWE decided to bring that into real life on an episode of SmackDown where the company booked him to have potentially run over Elias.

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While that turned out to not be the case, even putting him in that situation was a weird decision for the creative team to make, and it certainly made Hardy look terrible as fans knew about the issues he had.

8/10 Poetry Gimmick

Jeff Hardy poet

Jeff Hardy has always had a way with words, and writing has been a passion of his because of that. He has put that creativity into everything that he has done outside of wrestling, but writing poems is something that genuinely interests him, so in 2003 he tried to bring it into his character.

However, this didn’t work out in terms of making him a compelling character as the poems he would create were very random. He’d sit in backstage segments talking about rainbows, and while it was great to see him being creative, there was no purpose to them overall.

7/10 Kicking The Undertaker Into Vomit

Jeff Hardy in 2002

Vince McMahon has always enjoyed a certain style of humor when it comes to anything toilet related or vomit, which is why those types of segments have been brought to play many times. However, when it is involving top-tier names a lot of fans are surprised, which is the case with Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker.

The Deadman had poured a bucket of sick onto his opponent after a match, but then Hardy appeared and dropkicked him into it as well. He ran away after that having gotten one over on the Deadman, which was a random and slightly strange situation.

6/10 Walking Out On A Match

Jeff Hardy Beard

This situation took place at a live event which is why a lot of fans likely aren’t aware of it happening or have forgotten it. However, at the end of his WWE run, he ended up walking out of a match before it was finished, heading through the crowd to interact with them while things were still ongoing.

It was something that led to WWE demanding he took a drug test because even management found the situation odd. He went away from WWE after this and because he ended up being part of AEW this strange decision has been forgotten.

5/10 His Brother Matt Hardy Burnt His House

Jeff Hardy House

One of the strangest storylines of Jeff Hardy’s WWE career was against his own brother heading into WrestleMania 25, and to build it the company had Jeff be attacked in a variety of ways. One of those was having his entire house burnt down, which killed his dog in the storyline.

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This was blamed on Matt Hardy, which was WWE’s attempt at injecting a lot of heat into the angle as the company knew fans wouldn’t buy into them falling out. Their matches were fun, but this small detail is one that people often overlook, likely because it was so over the top.

4/10 Squashed By Jaxson Ryker

Jaxson Ryker in WWE.

Squash matches have their place, but rarely legends are the ones who are on the receiving end of them. However, that wasn’t the case for Jeff Hardy during his forgettable feud against Elias and Jaxson Ryker as the latter beat him in under a minute.

This was a strange situation that people didn’t see coming as Ryker had never been taken that seriously. The result didn’t lead to a huge push for Ryker either which made this even more of a random situation,

3/10 Loss To Lars Sullivan

Jeff Hardy dropkicks Lars Sullivan

Another weird moment in Jeff Hardy’s career saw him putting over Lars Sullivan, which works as a reminder as to why his final run with the company didn’t hit the levels it should have done. Hardy had fallen down the ladder in the eyes of the creative team, and he was one of several legends used to try and put over ‘The Freak.’

The idea was right from WWE, but because of what ended up transpiring with Sullivan in hindsight this was the wrong move. Nowadays, when fans look back at this point, it does look incredibly weird.

2/10 A Urine Test

Sheamus and Jeff Hardy WWE Smackdown

The idea of a wrestler legitimately taking a urine test in the middle of the ring during a show seems too far-fetched to ever happen, but that wasn’t the case for Jeff Hardy. Another example of WWE using his demons in a storyline was against Sheamus, who demanded Hardy took a test.

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This led to him standing in a box to ‘wee’ during part of the show. While he would eventually come out on top by throwing it at Sheamus, the entire angle was weird and one fans have tried to forget about.

1/10 His Heel Turn

Jeff Hardy heel 2003

Certain wrestlers in history just work better as babyfaces and have spent the majority of their career in that role, with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Ricky Steamboat being examples. Jeff Hardy is another who fits into that category, but that doesn’t mean that WWE didn’t try to turn him heel.

In 2003 there was a very small run for Hardy as a heel where he randomly attacked RVD and Shawn Michaels. It was an attempt to shake things up for his character but it simply didn’t work, which is why this weird situation has been forgotten.

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