10 Things Impact Wrestling Fans Should Know About The Planet Jarrett Faction

Over its 20-year history Impact Wrestling (formerly known as TNA) has featured a number of factions, from classics like Main Event Mafia to forgettable outfits like Serotonin. Given how much company co-founder Jeff Jarrett was at the center of many of Impact’s top storylines, it should come as no surprise that he had an entire stable centered around him in the form of Planet Jarrett.

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Planet Jarrett lasted about a year and eight months, so many modern fans may be unaware of this major group. Let’s take a look at the history of the faction and what one should know about it.


10 Formed In The Ashes of Kings of Wrestling

Before Planet Jarrett, there was the Kings of Wrestling, the heel team of Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash. Formed in 2004, by 2005 the group had pretty much fallen apart, as Hall was off of television due to his personal problems and Nash had turned babyface. This resulted in Nash challenging Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Against All Odds, with Nash being unsuccessful in his pursuit due to a debuting Billy Gunn (renamed the Outlaw), who interfered in the match on Double J’s behalf.

9 Facilitated Monty Brown’s Heel Turn

After successfully defending against Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett was booked to defend the World Title against Diamond Dallas Page at Destination X, and in response organized a whole faction to back him up, including the Outlaw, Chris Candido, the Naturals tag team, and Larry Zbyszko. Planet Jarrett gained a major ally at Destination X during the DDP vs. Jarrett main event when popular hero Monty Brown interfered on Jarrett’s behalf, turning heel, and joined Planet Jarrett on the basis that he never got the title match he felt he deserved.

8 Fought In The First Lethal Lockdown Match

Despite (tainted) victories over both, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page, as Nash decided to team up with Diamond Dallas Page and Sean Waltman (a.k.a. X-Pac) in a Lethal Lockdown match. A new concept, the Lethal Lockdown was basically a version of War Games, a No DQ match in a steel cage with staggered entrances for each participant.

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Unfortunately, Nash contracted staph infection, and was unable to compete, leading him to be replaced by B.G. James, better known as the Outlaw’s old partner Road Dogg, who helped his team to a victory over Jarrett’s.

7 Feuded With AJ Styles

Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles had their first match for the World Title in 2003, and in May of 2005 the rivals renewed their hostilities as Styles challenged Jarrett for the belt at Hard Justice. While Planet Jarrett members Monty Brown and the Outlaw put away DDP and Ron Killings earlier on the card, Jarrett ended up losing his championship to Styles in the main event. On top of Brown accidentally executing a move on Jarrett instead of Styles while interfering, the special guest referee, MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, ended up knocking Jarrett out when the champ got too hostile towards him.

6 Recruited Rhino To Its Ranks

Following his title loss to AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett started becoming paranoid about his spot in the company, and began attempting to convince other members of the roster to join up with him during the July 2005 No Surrender pay-per-view. After Raven defended the World Title against Abyss in the main event, Jeff Jarrett confronted Raven and introduced Rhino, who was not only the newest addition to the Impact roster, but also newest member of Planet Jarrett by way of delivering a Gore to the champ.

Despite Rhino being introduced as Planet Jarrett’s resident powerhouse, the proceedings weren’t incredibly smooth. The main event of Sacrifice 2005 had Jeff Jarrett and Rhino teaming up against Raven and Sabu, with the stipulation that Jarrett would get a shot at Raven’s title if he pinned the champ. Following some interference by Jeff Hardy and subsequent confusion, Rhino was able to Gore and pin Raven, which proved to be a problem as it earned Rhino, not Jarrett, the World Title Match.

4 Jarrett Dropped The World Title To Rhino

Before Rhino had a shot at the belt, Jeff Jarrett regained the World Title in mid-September 2005 by dethroning Raven at a Border City Wrestling event in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, a title change that was deemed official by Impact. As a result, Jarrett was going into Bound for Glory as NWA World Heavyweight Champion in a match against his old rival Kevin Nash.

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However, illness kept Nash out of the ring, and so a gauntlet match was held that same night to determine who’d take on Jarrett in the main event. The winner would prove to be Rhino, who departed Planet Jarrett by defeating its leader for the World Title, which Jarrett would unfortunately win back two days later at an Impact taping.

3 Added Several Groups To Its Ranks

Planet Jarrett wasn’t just composed of Jeff Jarrett and various singles wrestlers like the Outlaw and Monty Brown. The group also added several tag teams and stables to its ranks as well, starting with the tag team of the Naturals, Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens, and their manager, Chris Candido. Later, as Jarrett was looking for more support at No Surrender, he ended up aligning with the entirety of Team Canada, which included Petey Williams, Eric Young, and a host of others. Then there’s America’s Most Wanted — James Storm and Chris Harris — who helped Jarrett beat Raven at the aforementioned Border City Wrestling show.

2 Feuded With Christian Cage Over The World Title

After winning back his belt from Rhino, Jeff Jarrett retained the belt in a rematch followed by defenses against AJ Styles and B.G. James at indie shows. But the entry of Sting and Christian Cage into the Impact Zone raised Jarrett’s paranoia once again that he’d be losing his spot, and Cage ended up taking the belt from Jarrett at Against All Odds in February 2006. However, Jarrett would win the belt back yet again by winning a King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary against not only Cage but also Abyss, Sting, and Ron Killings.

1 Planet Jarrett Disappeared After His Loss To Sting

Jarrett’s reign post-Slammiversary would only last 125, as Sting would put his career on the line and dethrone him at the main event of Bound for Glory 2006. The loss to Sting was the end of an era for Jeff Jarrett, who had held the belt four times during the Planet Jarrett run and dominated Impact Wrestling television. From there, Planet Jarrett disappeared as Jarrett himself stepped away from TV to focus on his backstage role, not returning to the Impact Zone as a competitor for half a year.

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