10 Things About Trish Stratus’ Life Outside Of Wrestling Fans Should Know

Trish Stratus is one of the first people that fans think about when it comes to iconic women from the wrestling business, with the Hall Of Famer having had one of the greatest careers in the history of the industry. She brought Stratusfaction to the ring every time she competed, and because of that people are very aware of her in-ring accomplishments.

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While her wrestling career is famous, that doesn’t mean that people know everything about her life away from the ring when it comes to other aspects of her career or Stratus’ personal life, despite the fact she is so well known.


10 Passion For Yoga

A lot of professional wrestlers are into health and fitness, which relates to the fact that they need to focus on that to be in the wrestling business. Trish Stratus has continued working in that field even after she decided to retire from the wrestling business by creating her own yoga company.

Stratusphere Yoga is something that she works on regularly, creating content for people to pay for as they are then sent content to work out on a regular basis. It’s a world that Stratus has a lot of knowledge in, and therefore it has ended up being a great success for her post-wrestling life.

9 She Is A Mother

Nowadays when a professional wrestler wants to start a family, they can do it during their career, as Becky Lynch has recently done. However, during Trish Stratus’ career that wasn’t as common, and a lot of the female wrestlers in the business were not mothers while they actively worked.

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Because of that, a lot of fans likely aren’t aware of the fact that Stratus is indeed a mother, as the Hall Of Famer has two children, having one son and one daughter.

8 The Importance Of Lita

Trish Stratus and Lita had an iconic rivalry during their time in the business, as the two women helped put each other on the map as they became megastars in the industry. However, a lot of fans don’t realize just how close they became during that time, with the two being legitimate best friends.

Their friendship is so close that Stratus named Lita the Godmother of her son, showcasing just how much she trusts her fellow WWE Superstar. It also proves the connection that they have together, and that is what a lot of fans aren’t aware of.

7 She Acts

Even though Trish Stratus is best known for being a professional wrestler, she is someone that likes to entertain and Stratus continues to do that to this day with her acting. A lot of fans aren’t aware that Stratus has stuck to the acting world, but it is a major part of her life.

Stratus has been involved in plenty of movies throughout her career, and that has proven to be a success for her overall. She may not have broken out at the same level as The Rock, but she is busy and continues to find work.

6 Charity Work

A lot of wrestlers and celebrities, in general, can find themselves in a position of power and influence due to the fact that they have a lot of fans from their line of work, and Trish Stratus is no stranger to that situation. However, she likes to use her power and status for the greater good, which shows a lot about her.

Stratus often works with different charities, helping to promote them, paying money herself, or pushing for others to help out. She’s worked with the likes of the Special Olympics and Dreams Take Flight throughout her career.

5 Celebrity Relay Team

Speaking of charity work, Trish Stratus doesn’t just always just promote events or push things on her social media, as she previously competed in the Island Triathlon Series, being part of a celebrity team to try and push the fitness aspect of her life for the benefit of others.

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She did that to earn money for Dignitas International, showcasing the fact that she is consistently trying to help others and use her celebrity status for the greater good of other people.

4 Loves Star Wars

The “Star Wars” franchise is one of the biggest of all time, and it’s one that millions of people around the world are obsessed with, and Trish Stratus can be added to that. She often shares photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts about her love of the franchise, as she wants to showcase it to her children.

The movies are important to her, and Stratus has no problem telling the world how much they mean to her. She often watches them, and while a lot of people may not think about the science fiction series with her, it’s an aspect of her life.

3 Shot Glass Collector

When your job involves a lot of travel it opens up the opportunity to become a collector of something, and that is exactly what Trish Stratus has become. Whenever she heads to a new country or city, Stratus tries to pick up a shot glass from that place that is specific to the area.

She has a major collection from around the world which is then displayed in her home, showcasing the incredible travel she has been able to enjoy throughout her life.

2 Married Her High School Sweetheart

A lot of times when it comes to celebrities, people just presume that they end up being in relationships with other celebrities, which is something that does end up being the case for plenty. Even in the wrestling industry, a lot of the relationships are typically with others from that world.

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But that isn’t the case when it comes to Trish Stratus, as she got married to her childhood sweetheart, Ron Fisico. They have been married since 2006, having a family together with this relationship being key for her life right now.

1 Canada’s Got Talent

Trish Stratus is popular around the world, but when it comes to her home nation of Canada that increases a lot. Because of her success in the entertainment world, she was brought on to be a judge for “Canada’s Got Talent” in the second season, which was a huge opportunity for her.

It’s a popular show, and the judges on each version of this show tend to be big names, with Nikki Bella having previously been in the American version. For Trish, this is a great step, and while not everyone around the world is watching this series, fans will no doubt be able to see it’s a huge accomplishment for her.

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